March 26, 2014

salted pretzel chocolate chip cookie dough snickers bars

no, these are in no way healthy, but they taste sooo good!

we got a new co-worker on our team at the beginning of the year, sadly this meant he missed the holiday bake off. lucky for him i was in a treat fixing mood when his birthday rolled around last week.

back in september i'd made bars for my boss that were basically: chocolate chip cookie, chocolate, rice krispy treat, oreo, reese cup, rice krispy treat, chocolate. i felt i needed to up the ante. thank you pinterest, behold!

chocolate caramel pretzel cookie dough
try not to lick the screen

the recipe in the above link says to spray the 9x13 baking dish, i suggest lining with parchment/wax paper, you'll see why at the end.

(usually i'll post the recipe here but, this one is seriously long and involved. you should just click the link and give some "page hits" love to the blogger who originally posted this heaven in a dish)

choc pb + nougat

adding the caramel peanut layer

the cookie dough layer

2nd choc pb later with pretzels

almost gone

these were super good and went really fast. as you can see in the above picture, there's some fluff and caramel layer left on the dish. this is why i recommend using parchment/wax paper to line the dish. also much easier to get the hardened treat out of the dish, as it needs to be kept in the fridge until just before serving so it doesn't melt like frosty in the spring.

this was amazing. the perfect combination of sweet and salty. i actually forgot it had the cookie dough layer until i bit into it, nice "surprise."

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