March 14, 2014

friday favorites 3.14.14

nike miler tank

loose fitting but not baggy, loop at the back to control head phone cord and there's a long sleeve version. i actually wore both on my 6 mile run in vancouver last weekend, didn't over heat and didn't freeze. it's the running top combo goldilocks would have worn.


yes to blueberries cleansing wipes

i feel like i've tried every wipe of every brand and this is hands down my fav. cleanses and doesn't sting, trust me, i have sensitive skin. also, compostable, big hug to mamma nature. the cucumber version is nice too, but these moisturize my skin a little better.

trader joe's mini mint ice cream mouthfuls

a little after dinner treat. ice cream sandwiches are my jam. cookie and ice cream, yes please. i've been known to keep oreos in the freezer, and thin mints, duh.

question for the peanut gallery

any similar items you prefer to these?

1 comment:

  1. i like the neutrogena face wipes! :) those tj's mini mint ice cream bites are awesome!