March 28, 2014

friday favorites 3.28.14

run keeper app
i love this app b/c it not only tracks my run, but i can share my runs with selected friends. i'm not posting all this to social media, but i do have a cross country friend i share my runs with. we occasionally comment on each others workouts, good or bad.

compression sleeves
i experienced my first bout of achy shins while training for my 15k, probably from too much too quickly. i tried out these compression sleeves and they've really helped on the long runs.

i got grey, but there's a bunch of fun colors

water bottle
as much as i hate carrying water bottles, i hate hydration belts more. since there's no hydration stations splashed thru my neighborhood, what can ya do. i love the shape of this bottle, fits comfortably in my hand and just a small squeeze shoots the water out. it's also insulated to keep the water cooler. i don't really need the pocket on the strap, but it keeps me from having to grip the bottle while i run.

question for the peanut gallery

any similar items you prefer to these?

side note: if you enjoy my superhero cooking shirts and just nerdy awesomeness in general, please help crowd fund nerd hq. in addition to access to tech demos, games and parties, the nerd machine spends the week of san diego comicon raising money for operation smile by hosting panel discussions with special guests like nathan filliontom hiddlestoncast of doctor whothe thrilling adventure hour and more. nerd hq has raised over $415,000, that's almost 2,000 surgeries.

click the image below to go to the crowd fund site. $5 (or more), can't beat that. all the events are live streamed so even tho i prob can't make it to comicon, they can have my money and i'll watch from home. it's like diretv but without commercials and programming i actually like.

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