April 11, 2014

friday favorites 4.11.14

zombies run app fitness

i started a mission with zombies run 1 way back when i was training for the disney half. now that the sun is up long enough for a short run after work, i'm back to the zombies. in season 2 there's now an online community and base building within the app. there's also 5k and 10k side missions to help get ready for a race, rather than just interval training. the app also integrates your playlist in between instructions. it's been 2 years so i've reset the game, runner 5 is on a mission!

man that's a long name. this has become a must for my bathroom. one summer while visiting nyc i used a friends shampoo and thought, wow, this stuff rocks! my hair was so soft. after purchasing the same shampoo at home i was surprised when my hair felt the same as it always had. duh, nyc has the best tap water ever! pizza and bagel joints fly it in to make their dough. i added this water purification system and while it's not nyc, it's pretty close. i replace the filter about every 6 months, or when i start to notice the dullness in my hair.

i love my hairdresser, but not matter what, the layers up front are always just a tad too short to stay back on a run for the first few weeks. while browsing the sale at my local athleta i decided to give this headband a try. i have yet to find one that actually stays put, resulting in bobbie pins tucked everywhere around my world. athleta has a great try and return policy, they want you to love the clothes. i took this for a spin on a recent run and while it did need to be adjusted around mile 1.5, that's the longest one has ever lasted. i'll give it a few more tries, my ponytail holder burst it's elastic so, that may have been partially to blame.

butter london glitter nail polish gold
barely there

butter london the 444
back before new years i tried a few glitter nail polishes on for fun. the 444 by butter london was my fave. i've been a big fan of butter since ulta started carrying it years ago (i don't think they do anymore). butter doesn't have any dbp or formaldehyde, so it doesn't have that stinky nail polish smell. as you can see, the glitter is barely there. just enough sparkle to brighten the day, but not too much to distract at work. it's almost like i just bumped into tinkerbell.

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