April 18, 2014

friday favorites 4.18.14

box cloud storage
some of you may have seen the stories flying around the last 2 weeks after dropbox announced they added condoleezza rice to their board of directors. i've used dropbox for years and have loved it, but i made the switch this week to for 2 reasons. 1. personal political views, 2. more space for free. clearly, in the course of normal life, more space for free would have been my first reason to switch, but if not for the "rice" of it all, i would never have sought out an alternative. works just like dropbox but with 7gb of storage more for free. it does require a higher os on my laptop than i current;y have in order to have a synced folder on the desktop, but i'll be upgrading that soon as well. even if rice's appointment doesn't bother you, it's still worth checking out

one day digital diary

day one
i came across this app while reading an interview with felicia day on while i enjoy posting some events from my life to facebook and instagram, i def do not post them all. nor do i post all the details i'd like to remember. day one is a diary app that allows me to post pics, text, locations, etc. i also have an alert set up once a week to remind me to make an entry, just incase i forgot that something totally awesome happened that week.

evernote productivity app

i've been using this app for years. the grab above is from my iphone, i like the dark screen environment as opposed to blinding white screen. one of my favorite newish features on evernote is the plugin to my browser. i can "clip" items from the web to remember later, there's a lot of saved shopping items. also, blog post ideas and drafts. being able to tag and assign to different notebooks helps keep everything together but separate. they've also partnered with moleskin notebooks so you can cleanly upload notes you've made using your device camera.

for the peanut gallery
what are your favorite apps to keep you organized?

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