April 4, 2014

friday favorites 4.4.14

trader joe's channa marsala

this is one of those items i pick up every time i go to tj's. i got it first when a friend was going out of town for 8 months and emptied the contents of his fridge/freezer into mine. this is my go to quick dinner with some batsimi rice. i pour half the channa over rice and save the rest for later.

trader joe's

thunderspace 2

i love this app. i've never been a fan of sound/white noise machines. i typically go to sleep with sherlock on the netflix and the sleep timer set to 90 min. i heard about thunderspace on the tuaw blog. the sound is recorded in 3d and is amazing. while we haven't lacked for earthquakes the past few months, there's always a lack of rain in la. i like the roof garden, sounds like back home in nc. download here.

yes, it will even do lightning

adidas sambas

while on my trip to vancouver a few weeks ago my friends and i took a trip down grade school shoes memory lane. i had the doc marten's, black canvas sketchers with the stacked white sole, black glitter airwalks, black foam clogs with the dragonfly and, as always, several colors of chucks. i still have multiple colors of chucks but i had actually forgot about my first favorite shoe that got replaced when it wore out, my sambas. i was a teen at the height of the indoor soccer craze, you bet i had a pair. when i got back from my trip, i overnighted a pair from zappos. welcome back to the rotation.

hot chocolate run 5k 15k san diego running fitness
back in action

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