April 14, 2014

pop physique

if you're not following mindy kaling on instagram, you should be. the sartorial pics alone are enough to brighten your day. a few weeks ago in a refresh i saw this


it was like something out of speed racer. i had to google away. pop physique is yet another exercise class created by a former ballet dancer, but this time, the music is rockin! i found one in my neighborhood and decided to give it a whirl. lucky me, groupon had a 5 classes for 50% off deal, score!

my weekly run schedule usually looks like: mon, wed, fri short run, sun long run. i'm really bad at working in cross training unless it's a class situation. my work schedule doesn't allow me the opportunity of mid-day exercise classes and the hours/la traffic make before or after work damn near impossible. lucky me, there was a 8:15pm class on tuesday night, score again!

here's how it went...

the website suggested slim exercise pants that cover your knees and fitted tanks or t-shirt. i have a serious aversion to working out in t-shirts, i'm a tank or long sleeves girl, nothing in between. socks are also required. i decided to buy a pair of their socks when i arrived, go big or go home right?

pop physique barre whore
love these lights
the results...

the studio was a bit smaller than the barre method studio i'd been to, but i like that, smaller classes are more my thing. these dandelion lights hang from the ceiling and provide a nice, low light thru out the class. yoga setting with hip hop jams, dig it!

the work out was very similar to other barre classes i've taken, but the instruction was really different. i've taken 3 classes so far, both the last of the evening and with different instructors. the change up on the instructors is something i'm not happy about. the 1st and 3rd times the instructor was changed after my reservation, much to my disappointment.

the 1st & 3rd class were the same instructor. the 1st class was ok but lacked structure. she wasn't demo-ing the moves and was really bad at explaining them, a big minus when you're laying on the floor trying to figure out what she's wanting you to do. she made a point of calling us by names for correction/praise, which i actually hate, and it totally messed up her rep counts as well as which alternating side we were working. by all means, correct the form, we need that, but don't try and be social, you cannot do 2 things at once. i am actively trying to avoid her classes.

the 2nd class kicked ass. the instructor had just finished a class right before ours and def had a plan. while she didn't demo the moves she had a trainee in our class who did. she was also very clear in describing the moves, which muscles to tighten and there was no cheerleading from the sidelines. thank you!

we used hand weights and non-weighted balls for a few of the sequences. first timers, start with 1 lbs and 2 lbs and move up from there. i foolishly grabbed a 2 lbs and 3 lbs set of weights my first class, mistake. we were told we had the option of not using the weights and just doing the movement, that came in handy toward the end.

the cool down goes a little fast, we were still technically engaging our core and glutes while this was happening. i was worried i wouldn't be able to get out of bed the next day, but my muscles felt pretty good and equally sore so, i'm sold. i'm also really glad i wore my uggs b/c my feet def needed the cushy love after what i'd just put them thru.

per the website "take class 3-4 times a week and you will feel and see results in six weeks or less." if only i had the time and cash flow to support this habit. what i do have is 2 more classes left on the groupon and another 4 class special celebrating the new studio opening. i'll check back in after a few more classes and maybe a dvd combo purchase?

question for the peanut gallery

what's your favorite group workout?

do you prefer the laid back or drill sergeant approach?

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  1. That class sounds exciting! I saw that Mindy pic too and was wondering what it was!